Earley talks existence extinction and humility with Relix mag!

June 05, 2021
September 24, 2020

New song new video up today via Consequence of Sound.. This track says: Put up a fight or go extinct, spiritually and as a species, this is our choice.

June 09, 2020

Pleased as punch to be announcing a new single from a new album coming out throughout the universe 9/25/2020 on @yeproc records, so much love and spookiness went into making this record go check out our new single Magical Thinking premiering @spinmag check the link in bio for pre-order. And so much love to @endless.endless who designed all art and video and the lovely @woodsbroderick who sang on this one! Love and health to all beings! ❤️🙏

May 06, 2020

So these are the earliest BT recordings we’ve ever let out of the bag, circa. ‘03, Record Store Day is April 18 for all you trapper heads out there looking for rare tracks and weirdness from bygone days! Support your local record store because music=love!!

March 06, 2020

So it looks like it’s happening, rumors are true, these days nothing warms my heart more than folks working together trying to launch meaningful energy into the Universe of thought, one of america’s great record labels @yeproc is bringing us into their fold to put out a new music microcosm of songs 🦄🎉 I feel blessed and humbled to be able to put out yet one more record with these folks… Still a work in progress… but look for news on future days and love one another ❤️ and if you’re one of them what wants further ongoing digital information sign up at the link in bio! 📸@redrocketsglare

January 22, 2020


January 16, 2020

Epic shot from an amazing night of music and love last weekend in PDX 📸 by @lchtnbrg.co Gearing up to play last show of the year in Seattle @thecrocodileseattle this Friday 22nd, gonna be a kick in the shorts of cosmic proportions. Love you all so much ❤️ been the mellowest year of all but every show is a gem!! Come out and BE with us!!

November 19, 2019

Okay so I’m back working at the homeless shelter, not that my karma is exceptionally bad, but it’s not the greatest, I know some of you are with me on that one 🦄 but so you all need to come join BT for a benefit show in PDX November 11… Last local show for the foreseeable future! Our pals the @theparsonredheads will be joining us, doing plenty of Neil Young covers and whatever else we can come up with… We’ve played 13 live shows this year, BT stage shows are becoming as rare as the yeti so come join us for this one at @revolutionhall for @dogoodmultnomah !!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 08, 2019

Little more than a baker’s dozen shows all year so much love and thanks to all you Trapper heads coming out to hang with us 💕 you know who you are.. every night’s a special night on stage singing songs and goofing off 🦄 this is the life….. (at Spokane, Washington)

August 03, 2019