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Lubenow over 8 years ago

Fantastic burst of work easing tuneage this afternoon! Short but oh so sweet. So you in Petaluma!

winterchrome over 8 years ago

Concur...see you Friday.

GrangerLang over 8 years ago

Agreed!  New jams sounding great.  And "Yakima is the Salem of Washington" might be the most astute observation I've heard in at least the last week. 

junglelove over 8 years ago

Setlist ?

Will it be avail as archive ?

Band Member
michael.james over 8 years ago

Setlist for Bing Lounge:

Love The Way You Walk Away



Taking It Easy Too Long



Yes, this should be on their archive in the near future. Will let you know when it's available.

winterchrome over 8 years ago

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