Blitzen Trapper Fall 2007 Tour Documentary

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Ross McLochness almost 10 years ago

Hello everyone!

In late Fall of 2007, the Blitzen boys embarked on their first major tour, a three month trek across most of Western Europe and nearly all of the continental United States, with Bay Area openers Songs For Moms and headliners Two Gallants. We had a really great time, lost our innocence and even managed to shoot some footage of it. I finally revisited that footage and put together this brief documentary of our epic adventure.

The sound and pictures are often low quality but I think the distortion of the audio/visuals somehow captures the feeling of a raucous, loud, electric traveling rock show.

Hope you enjoy it. Thanks again to Two Gallants, Songs For Moms and any and all of you that were a part of it!


GrangerLang almost 10 years ago

This is great, Brian, thanks for posting it! Love the chaos. Erik's Robin Hood whistling skillz are major.
And thanks for the warning about booze ~~*The More You Know

Fan of almost 10 years ago

Thanks Brian, what a gift! "good drumming, Brian" indeed. Glad someone had tapes and cameras rolling.

otisarungus almost 10 years ago
Awesome video. Too bad I didn't catch that tour. BT and TG's would be a killer bill.

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