Can I bring my camera, please?

Trappa-Matic 7/26/11

Just for the record I as well was a little bummed about not being to get into the 21+ show in KC. But the blues have been cured with a roadtrip to Omaha to catch you guys at the slowdown, so balance and order may yet be maintained in the universe. Hoping despite this last minute business I still might have some luck; if any of you guys are on here, I'd get a real kick outta bein able to try and snap some rockin pics of the show with my dslr tonight. Is there any chance I could get one of those phancy photography passes? Saw some info on it in the denver thread (including the no flash rule which will be abided), hopin I might be able to hop into that boat. My name is Ethan Rittmann. I'm no professional, but of course if you guys are jivin on any of the pics I take I'd float you guys all the digital copies you wanted! Either way, camera or no camera, I am stoked and looking forward to my third face-melting Blitzen Trapper experience. You guys always play an awesome set and never disappoint!

Trapper Team
Sara 7/26/11

Don't know if you will see this in time, but you will be on the list for a photo pass. Feel free to snap away!

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