Fall Tour!!

blitzface 8/2/11

Nice work, BT staff!  I really think the South and BT should get along.  Not Rawhide and fenced stages, but a deep love for their type of music.  Acoustic guitars, harps, banjos, electric hi-flying solos, etc.....   

I know that there has been a great deal of hype in Louisville KY for the past couple of years.  You should have a pretty good showing.  


BY THE WAY - on this co-headline tour, will BT be alternating closing and opening?  

Sweet, Sweet!

blakedrury 8/3/11

Agreed! I've been traveling to Southgate House for the last couple of years to see The Trapper... can't wait to see them at Headliners!

elgallo 8/3/11

My fiance and I are excited to see Blitzen Trapper for the first time! We got turned on to them right after they toured southern california last year. Hoping we can catch them this time, how are we supposed to get the presale password? Is there a membership or a fan club or something?


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