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Nate almost 11 years ago

This forum seems kinda, um, not busy. Let's get it crackin'!!!

I have some questions. I am new to the band, and the music, but I think it's great, and have a few questions to ask...

I live in Oregon, and was just wondering if the Band members were actually from Oregon, or moved here to go to school and stayed or what? I'm just curious... I was born and grew up here, and take some pride in being from the Great North West.

Black River Killer - Listenting to that song, a great story, by the way, I can't help but to think of the nasty, muddy, black river that is the Willamette. Is the Black River the Willamette?

Trapper Team
Matt almost 11 years ago

Hi Nate, and welcome to the board! Yes, the BT guys are all from Salem, OR (they all went to high school together there -- ROOTS!), except for Marty, who is from Yakima, WA. Definitely some northwest pride going on, glad you're feeling it too. I don't know where the Black River is though.

Nate almost 11 years ago

I lived in Salem for quite a while, and worked at one of the High schools... I wonder which one they attended? I also worked at Ranch Records and know quite a few people involved in the Music scene there...

I thought Eric looked really familiar when I seen the videos on Pitchfork.com. You know when you get that feeling like you've met that person before? Or maybe it's just a
deja-vu thing?

xuwan almost 11 years ago

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