Kennewick, WA Show & Song ID

spikewilbury over 10 years ago

The show in the Tri-Cities on Saturday was great. My friend and I drove down from Spokane and it was well worth it. It was a pretty small venue and I can't believe there weren't more people there.

There was one song on the setlist I didn't recognize. Eric was playing by himself and it had the line "cans of paint" in it. Anybody have an idea what song that is?

GrangerLang over 10 years ago

Country Rain :)
There's a video of it in this thread:

spikewilbury over 10 years ago

That's the one. Thanks!

spikewilbury over 10 years ago

With that piece of the puzzle, here is the full setlist for the show if anyone is interested.

Have "Canyon's Edge" and "The Man Who Would Speak True" been released on anything before or are they completely new?

Trapper Team
Matt over 10 years ago

Neither of those songs have been released -- "Canyon's Edge" is one of Marty's solo songs, and will probably be on his solo record when that comes out. "The Man Who Would Speak True" could end up on the next BT album. Thanks for posting the setlist!

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