Live Album

Swahoogie over 5 years ago

Thank you fgentlemen for presenting us with this fantastic live album. I bought my copy today on band camp and I am very pleased. What an awesome way  to end 2014. I was lucky enough to catch you in New York and LA this year. Thank you for bringing much needed kick ass music into my world. Anything I can ever do to support you more on the East Cosdt, count me in. Keep on rocking in the free world. Best of luck in the studio.

OCDBT4ME over 5 years ago

Best birthday present ever! Thank you, my brothers!!

junglelove over 5 years ago

Quality is superb - the bass, keys and cowbell jump out of the speakers far better than bootlegs - I urge everyone to pay for it.

Setlist is pretty much 85% what I would have request - seems light on the countryfied stuff like Ever loved once, don't be a stranger, taking it easy too long, stolen shoes  - but high on the RAWK - which is awesome.

thingmaker88 over 5 years ago

Yay, one of the best live bands puts out a live album. I sure hope we get to hear some of the material that was culled. This is an excellent surprise, I thiught they would be releasing the live harvest. So yay!

thingmaker over 5 years ago

I just got to the acoustic "not your lover" I feel like owe you guys another 10 bucks!

rudolph trapper over 5 years ago

Big thanks for this excellent live album (as i asked for in a dif previous thread a few months back WOW!). BT Live is BT on steroids to me, one of the best live bands i know of. However, would have loved to hear a few more of the tunes stretched out to highlight Eric & Erik's wizardry & maybe a cover or two perhaps some Zep, Harvest, Walsh or Waylon. Guess ill have to wait for the live double LP on vinyl. Thanku again for the early Christmas gift! Merry Christmas to all! & Keep doin' the do...

thingmaker about 5 years ago

Rudolph Trapper I would bet it would be tricky/expensive to secure the rights to using some of the covers they play on an official live release. I would personally vote for their live rendition of Ramble On if we are voting though.

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