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blitzface 10/17/10

I will start by saying that Blitzen Trapper is best band out there concerning  their music library and songwriting.  I will never miss a show when they come through.   With all of the touring, has the band ever discussed more of an open setlist.   The band is always on tour, so if they diversified their setlist concerning song selection they could get more people to come or the same people to come to multiple shows.  I limit myself to one show a tour because when I went to multiple shows, they had the same setlist.   I will never miss a BT show, but I would go to more if I had the 'possibility' to hear other songs.   OR if BT opened their songs up a bit.  I don't want to say 'jam', but just some extended solos or intrumental jams like the end of 'Echo' or 'Sci-Fi Kid' that would in turn create a unique feeling for each show.  Just a thought.   

This post comes as a result of my effort to introduce hundreds of line dwellers to Blitzen Trapper at a recent Phish show.   I wore my BT shirt proud and tried to tell everyone I could about this band.    Phish is a great live band, maybe the best right now, but they have nothing on the Trapper.   BT's music is second to none.  Long live the Trapper.  I will see you next week!!!

blitzface 10/30/10

Fellas, I caught the Fox show last Monday and it was incredible.   Congrats!  You guys are getting better and better each time.  I love the end of Love / Hate when you bring it down.  Fantastic show, I hope you guys tour with the Fruit Bats more often.   I don't know if it was that show or what, but it seemed to bring the best out of both of you.  As a fan I was completely inspired by your performance.   Thanks for the best Monday I've had in a long time.....

.....  on another note.  I saw that completely acoustic thing you guys did in Portland.  Awesome!  Are there any grass roots, festival, camping, acoustic,etc.... things you do?   I'm looking forward to seeing you guys next summer at some great places.   I missed Telluride this year, I took a wrong turn and ended up in bum-f**k country - my wife was pissed.  I need to make it up to her next summer.   Enjoy your travels!  See you next time around. 

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