More SXSW: full set video from The Mohawk

GrangerLang about 8 years ago

Nice half hour set in the sun. Yep, I'm ready for festival season.

munichhilton about 8 years ago

Great. Thanks for posting

mojobaby75 about 8 years ago

KILLER solo to end

rudolph trapper about 8 years ago

thanx for posting. this was phenomenal. the boys blow away anything else out there today. btw love the part @ the end when eric is soloing & u see this old white haired, bearded guy in the background just loving it.

OCDBT4ME about 8 years ago

Holy shit. That was most righteous. I'm consistently blown away by Erik Menteer's chops. He makes it look like playing the guitar is the same thing as breathing to him - so freaking effortless. And EE's solo at the end?  Holy shit once again. It pained me to watch the spectators, though. The only reason I can think of that would explain why they're not dancing their asses off would be the oppressive heat. (if BT is on the bill next year, I'm flying down). And Blue Oyster Cult better fear the Marquis on that mf'in' cowbell!!  He broke a freaking stick!!

Man, how I love this band...

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