Please add Salt Lake City on the new tour

Tbone1232 about 4 years ago
Guys please come back to The Stateroom! We need more Blitzen.
Band Member
michael.james almost 4 years ago
I can't give you details yet but keep your weekend after the Fourth of July free, okay?
Tbone1232 almost 4 years ago
We'll do! I look forward to the announcement. I'll bring my friends to the show!
Tbone1232 almost 4 years ago
What time will you all be playing on July 10? I saw the time listed as 12:00-5:00pm.
Tbone1232 almost 4 years ago

Michael we're excited to see the band tomorrow. What time do you think the band will be on stage?

Peter J Baker almost 4 years ago

Tbone they play at Snowbasin on Sunday which is only 45 minutes from Downtown and it's free. They come back to the State Room in September.

Peter J Baker almost 4 years ago

They go on at 3:30 but you should come up and see Laney Jones and the Spirits.

Tbone1232 almost 4 years ago

Thanks for the heads up. We will be there for both shows. We will try to make it up for Laney Jones. Looking forward to it.

Tbone1232 over 3 years ago
Michael thanks for taking the time to meet with my family and letting my sister shoot you guys. Great show! We're looking forward to the State Room!
Tbone1232 almost 2 years ago
Guys I know this post is from 2 years ago. Please come back to SLC to the State Room for the Furr tour!

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