Music Saves over 11 years ago

Am I missing something? I preordered the album from Subpop, got it and all the extra goodies yesterday, but don't have a way to download this song. Logging into my account, there is a section titled Available Downloads, but nothing is there. I didn't see anything in the packaging directing me to it either. Maybe I'm totally glossing over it, but any help would be appreciated!

Music Saves over 11 years ago

Nevermind, just got an email with the link, great!

Trapper Team
Matt over 11 years ago

Yeah, everyone who pre-ordered should have gotten a download link from Sub Pop yesterday. Glad you got yours!

dvp over 11 years ago

So far I've bought Furr on LP and CD from a local shop. Now I'm gonna go order another LP so I can get Rentacop!

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