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blitzface 10/28/09

I have a CD from a friend that has some great tunes on it, but I'm not sure where it came from or what the songs are called, etc..... I've heard it was a previous band that members of Blitzen Trapper were in, 'gamborzia' or something like that. My friend doesn't know if that is an album name or a band name???? Anyway I'm desperately looking for some info. The first song on it is that 'Peach tree / orange peel' song and it has 'Texaco' on it too(fantastic!!). Any help out there??? Thanks.

blitzface 10/28/09

My friend got back to me with some info:

'It's Garmonbozia, just Bt's name before they changed it to BT. Here's the track listing:

1 B&R
2 Christmas Is Coming Soon
3 Cracker Went Down
4 Reno
5 Asleep For Days
6 Trapeze
7 Ansel & Emily Desader
8 Rainy Day
9 Lloranovaya
10 Queen
11 Texaco
12 Beard of Stars
13 Barstow
14Donkie Boy
16 Summer of '79 '

Just in case anyone out there was stuck like me.

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