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Swahoogie 2/9/16
Wanted to wish you guys all the best on your European tour. Thank you for being such a kick ass band. On a personal note, thanks for inspiring me to start performing live original music again. I have seen you at the Troubadour in LA and three times here in NY. Your 2014 Troubadour show motivated me to piece together a band after a very long hiatus and get off my ass. 
All the best to you in Europe.  Can't wait to see you next time you swing through New York. 
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michael.james 2/23/16
Wow. Thanks for the kind words. That stuff was obviously already in you, maybe we just nudged it out a bit.

Same thing happened to me when I was 17 - I saw Eric and Brian performing in their high-school band and my girlfriend said to me, "Doesn't that make you wanna start a band?" Two months later I bought a bass and still play with those guys 23 years after the fact. 
plTRAPPER 2/29/16
I was with Swahoogie at the LA show he attended in 2014, right in the front row at the Troubadour.  What an incredible show that was!  Thanks to Swahoogie, I had just become a huge fan of Blitzen Trapper, and seeing the band perform that night truly lived up well as exceeded my expectations. 

There were times during that show when the band seemed to transcend the songs themselves and travel to a place beyond the infinite, into what could best be described as sonic ecstasy.  It blew my mind that evening, and cemented for me the greatness in all things Blitzen Trapper.

Tonight, I was blasting my BT Spotify playlist at the gym, and at home.  Each song reminded me of a time, a place, and a feeling I once had, still have.  I found myself longing for a listen to "All Across This Land" in its entirety, as I did last year...over and over again, right up to the excellent Teragram Ballroom show last November.  At that concert, as I did at the Troubadour show, I stood front row center, singing and dancing to each and every song as if I was visiting a best friend I've known for years.  

Thank you Michael, Brian, Marty, Erik, and Eric for the music, and for the inspiration.  Can't wait to see what Blitzen Trapper has in store for 2016 and beyond... 
Swahoogie 3/29/16
So I saw that you will be playing at Garcia's at Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY in June. My band Swahoogie which you inspired me to re-form is playing there this Friday night for our second time. We would love to open for you if there is a way to make that work. Is there a way we can chat privately? I am so excited you are coming to my favorite venue! All the best to you guys as always!! Keep on rocking!

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