Wild Mountain Nation

July 09, 2007 LidKerCow Ltd.

From outerspace to down at the farm, campfire singalong to dystopic atonal deconstruction, Wild Mountain Nation presents a raucous and varied constellation of favorite souvenirs from the Trapper's musical adventures. Brought forth in a spasm of creative mania, Nation is rough-hewn but lush, crackling (sometimes audibly) with a weird and lucid energy. The album was recorded and arranged by the band themselves, using a dizzying variety of techniques and media, including a secret process learned from friendly extraterrestrials. As always, though, the group’s trusty four-track was used to capture the “soul”, “essence”, or “kernel” of each song, which was then buried in a rich humus of articulation, embellishment, and attenuation, so that after the summer a nutritious, colorful variety of fresh music was drooping from the vine (so to speak). A rich harvest: dusty bones, sunrise, Philip K Dick, Guernica, barley wine, sycamore or doug fir, snowflake, Sally Mack’s School of Dance, Scooby-Doo, bigfoot.

  1. Devil's A-Go-Go
  2. Wild Mountain Nation
  3. Futures & Folly
  4. Miss Spiritual Tramp
  5. Woof & Warp of the Quiet Giant's Hem
  6. Sci-Fi Kid
  7. Wild Mtn. Jam
  8. Hot Tip/Tough Cub
  9. The Green King Sings
  10. Summer Town
  11. Murder Babe
  12. Country Caravan
  13. Badger's Black Brigade